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Defi nition of the Explosion Panel

  • The safety device instantaneously discharging the pressure and fl ame generated inside during the defl agration occurring before the detonation caused from the combustion by the ignition source such as gas, power, dust, and another compound

Advantages of the Explosion Panel

  • 1. Protection of the building or facility by promptly and smoothly discharging the pressure and heat to the outside in case of explosion

  • 2. The immediate opening fully minimizing the damage possibly caused by the expanding gas

  • 3. The easy replacement work done during the replacement work in the outside and the cheap replacement cost

  • 4. Protection of the lives and properties with the design of the structure without the fragments generated during explosion

  • 5. Convenient application to the corresponding facility due to the various sizes and types

The Facilities Applying the Explosion Panel

  • It is applied to the silo, bag fi lter, RTO, bucket elevator, duct, hopper, and dryer to discharge gas, powder, and dust.

The Application Code of the Explosion Panel

  • NFPA 68